Homesteading Resources - Bookshelf

Books on Nutrition

The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin –
The first book I read on nutrition, it paved the road to healthier eating and a desire for a healthier lifestyle.

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon –
This book shaped my view on a traditional diet. Not only does it contain LOTS of information on nutrition, it has tons of healthy recipes.

Books on Education

The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorthy Sayers –
This article was tremendously influential in choosing the classical model of education for our homeschooling.

Books on Finances and Frugality

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey –
​ This was the book that inspired our financial reform and desire to be debt-free.

Homesteading Resources - Great Blogs

Homesteading Blogs

The Prairie Homestead
An easy-to-read and relate to homesteading blog packed with great information and tons of resources.

Reformation Acres
A homestead blog journal where you are sure to be inspired to live your homestead dreams today.

Homestead Honey
​A radical blog about homeschooling and homesteading while living an off-grid tiny home lifestyle.

Natural Health Blogs

The Family That Heals Together
An inspirational nutritional blog about overcoming health obstacles and healing your family through nutrition.
Jaclyn has some great and practical (and free!) e-books available as well as  a nutrition plan you can follow.

The Healthy Home Economist
A natural health blog that focuses on “embracing your right to a lifetime of health.”
Sarah recommends a traditional diet and advocates for awareness and political reform for health.

Homesteading Resources - Media

Food, Inc –
An eye opening documentary about conventional food and one of the most inspirational documentaries I have ever watched.

Permaculture Chickens (by Justin Rhodes at Abundant Permaculture) –
This is an excellent instructional film on raising chickens – everything you need to know from hatching eggs to arriving on your plate. Very informative, easy to follow instructions, and in-depth information, yet not too much to be overwhelming. The Abundant Permaculture website also has some great free resources and videos on DIY chicken tractors and how to cut feed cost by 100%.