Pasture Raised Chicken in Texas

pasture raised chicken in Texas

Here at Sanctum Tree Family Farm we only provide our customers with true pasture raised chickens in Texas. Our chickens are raised 100% on pasture and moved to fresh grass daily. They are healthy, happy chickens that breathe fresh air, get sunshine, and can eat bugs and grass all day! They are fed a non-GMO, soy-free, corn-free, high quality feed from a local mill.

These birds are the best quality pasture raised chickens that you can find around the Bowie and Dallas/Fort Worth area. We provide multiple pick-up options locally to provide you with the freshest chicken possible. See our current pasture raised chicken products available now for delivery or pick-up:

Why Is Pasture Raised Chicken Better For Your Family?

Chickens were never meant to be raised inside cramped factory warehouse coops, being fed a steady stream of low-nutrient feed under artificial lights. These poor birds are often sickly, needing to be supplemented by antibiotics just to survive to market. That’s not the road to healthy chickens or healthy meat!

You simply need to ask yourself – isn’t it better to feed your family chicken that lived how chickens were meant to live? Free-range, pasture raised chickens in Texas are healthier, more vibrant birds because they live naturally in the fields. They get sun, they eat bugs, their bodies are strong because they can walk around. Pasture raised chicken is always the better choice for your family.

Where Can You Find Pasture Raised Chicken in Texas?

You might agree that pasture raised chicken is the way to go. But where can you find it in Texas? Our family-run farm provides pick-up service for our pasture raised chicken at our local farmer’s market in Bowie, TX for all of our whole chicken and cut up chicken products. Please pre-order on our site so we can be sure to have your farm-fresh, all-natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised, amazing tasting chicken broilers ready for you! You can find directions here:

If you’re nearby our farm in Bowie and want to stop by for a local pick up too, you are always welcome to pre-arrange a visit, just contact us first.