Container Gardening

Container Gardening: How to Plant Biodegradable Pots

Container Gardening: How to Plant Biodegradable Pots

The heart of homesteading is taking baby steps toward more self-sufficiency.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned homesteader, having an herb garden in containers in your kitchen can be a wonderful thing! Just imagine cooking a pot of scrumptious soup and you decide you want to add some fresh thyme or oregano. Just simply snip some off and add it to the pot! That was a simple step towards self-sufficiency. Growing your own herbs. Let’s get started by planting your own herb garden in biodegradable pots.

Before we begin, gather the things you will need.


  1. plants in biodegradable pots
  2. containers
  3. scissors
  4. garden shovel (or your hands)
  5. potting soil
  6. plant feed (optional)
  7. watering can

Step 1: Preparation

Container Gardening: preparation. How to plant biodegradable pots. Read more at

Here you will use your scissors to cut the plastic wrapping on the biodegradable pots. The instructions say to “drench” the pot, but I recommend just getting it slightly damp, otherwise the pot will fall apart on you before you are ready to put it in the container. Next, you will gently remove the bottom of the pot. You can either use the scissors to cut a small incision or use your fingers to punch a hole through the biodegradable material. Use caution when removing the bottom, as there will be some roots already growing through the material. Then, you will use your gardening shovel to put some (I used about one scoop) potting soil in the bottom of the pot.
I like Nature’s Care Organic potting soil. I picked up a bag from Walmart, but you can also get it on

Step 2: Planting

Container gardening: planting. How to plant biodegradable pots. Read more at

Now you get to plant the biodegradable pots into the containers. Exciting! You will use your garden shovel (or your hands) to fill in the space on the sides between the biodegradable material and the container. You may also need to gently compact the soil with your hands and push down the biodegradable pot rim with your fingers. Add a little bit of soil on top to make it even. Almost done!

Step 3: Finishing

Container gardening step 3. How to plant biodegradable pots. Read more at

Before you finish up to admire your gorgeous new herb garden, you will want to feed and water it and tidy up. Here you will use your trusty watering can and plant food.

I like Ecoscraps Organic plant food. It’s made from high quality natural ingredients including composted food.

Please note: I wanted my readers to have the option to easily purchase the resources I recommended in this post. This is an affiliate program through Amazon.This means I receive a small commission if you purchase something after clicking the (picture) link. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and it helps to support the Sanctum Tree. So if you decide to purchase these resources, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Enjoy your herb garden and the sense of accomplishment that comes with being that much closer to self-sufficiency.

Now, go out there and do it! I know you can. As I said in the beginning, the heart of homesteading is taking baby steps toward more self-sufficiency. How are you challenging yourself to take more steps toward a self-sufficient life?

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