About Sanctum Tree Family Farm

Welcome to Sanctum Tree Family Farm

Sanctum Tree Family Farm is a veteran-owned and family operated business where we produce everything we sell on our farm. Our family of ten joyfully works together to produce the most desirable and nourishing products as we strive to put our customers as our highest priority. Here, you will find quality products such as pasture-raised chicken, organically grown farm-fresh produce, delectable desserts, raw golden honey and an array of carefully handcrafted unique items. We hope you will find something here that makes you smile!

Our Principles

We are a family that believes in living a healthy, simple, self-sufficient, and gospel-centered life. The gospel, simply put, is what Jesus accomplished for us in his life, death, and resurrection. The gospel, interwoven into the principles by which we live, has given us a heart of gratitude so that we can approach life and farming with principle & purpose:

  • Coram Deo: living before the face of God in everything we do
  • Regenerative Farming: using permaculture principles in how we grow our produce (stewardship of the earth)
  • Principled Living: humanely raising animals with rotational grazing principles (stewardship of animals)
  • Others-focused: helping others by producing nourishing foods, and helping others learn how to take baby steps toward more sustainability

Our Journey

Our journey began after our first child was born, we experienced a dramatic shift in our views and began to pursue naturally healthy living. We started on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle and diet. We discovered that food is medicine and we can heal through what God has created in nature (healthy food, herbs, etc). Through that experience, it grew and awakened a heart in us to live a healthy, simple, self-sufficient life to the glory of God. It created a dream in us to build a small regenerative permaculture farm, living by principled stewardship and following God’s design to create a productive land that will last for generations to come. It has been a process and we certainly aren’t there yet, but we are humbly beginning to take baby steps toward principled living. That is why we started The Sanctum Tree and founded Sanctum Tree Family Farm.

About The Sanctum Tree Blog

The Sanctum Tree Blog is a resource for homemakers, homesteaders, and everyone in between. Our goal is to help others by creating quality content about family, health, and sustainability.

The Sanctum Tree Blog is also our journal. Here I will share our journey of picking up and leaving it all behind (our big house in the city!) to start our family farm. Sharing our joys and triumphs, as well as failures and lessons learned, thoughts and inspiration, and our all-around passion for family, health, farming, and self-sufficiency. I hope you will be inspired as you follow along.

We Invite You to Join Us

It is our hope to encourage you towards your own dreams of health, homesteading, and sustainability. Whether through our story, our experiences, or offering great resources ~ we hope you will be inspired through The Sanctum Tree and our family farm. We want to personally invite you to sign up to receive updates on our journey, valuable lessons for the homestead, healthy cooking and natural remedies, and a collection of tidbits. We look forward to getting to know you better and enjoy hearing about your story. Feel free to contact us, leave a comment, or share.

For Christ Alone,

Sarah & Clint (+ 8 Littles )